Proposed Mosque Building

SIYS to construct a new mosque building with more space and facilities in place of existing mosque.

Quality and Higher Education and Educational Advisory Board

SIYS Management has unanimously agreed to focus on improving quality of Education. In that direction SIYS has formed an Educational Advisory Board of experts in different streams of educational fields.


Such body cooperates with Educational Committee of SIYS. Based on advice of The Education Advisory Board SIYS takes decision for moving forward in improve quality education among Muslims.


Also SIYS is in constant contact with institutions having track record of produci

ng excellent results.


During 2018 to 2020 SIYS has adopted 10 boys and girls of grade 11th and 12th pursuing NEET/JEE for admission in Top Govt. Medical/Engineering colleges. These students getting in house coaching managed by Gifted 30 programme.


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Day Concept School

SIYS is considering to start a Day Concept School in its premises. Under this scheme particularly focus will be given to Quality and Higher education to meritorious science stream students from financially challenged section of the community.


11th and 12th grade students will be admitted under this programme and will be provided in house coaching to prepare them for NEET (Medical students) and JEE (Engineering students).To get in Medical/Engineering fields NEET/JEE is mandatory.


Some schools and coaching centers in the Surat run NEET/JEE programmes and they charge Rs. 80,000 to 1,75,000 fees per student per year. Muslim families of even middle class can’t afford such a high fees. If we do not focus on our community will be deprived of Doctors and Engineers in near future.


Muslim representation in Govt. /Administration is pathetic. SIYS has appointed a body of people serving in various govt. /public services and based on their report intend to start classes for students intending to join public services and preparing them for other competitive exams.